Monday, July 18, 2011

totally pooped and lovin it

ive decided that being in provo is expensive. college is expensive. being a reckless driver is expensive. accidentally ramming your mascara into the shoulder of your new white shirt is expensive. buying breakfast for you and your sister is expensive. not working for an entire week is expensive. ive thought this before and i will always think this, but why cant we just live on the barter system?? for example, you wash my clothes and ill give your kid voice lessons. easy, right!? i think so.

im in utah for the week visiting my friends and taking my cute sister audrey to YASE camp. it's nice to see my friends and have the opportunity to sing with my music buddies, chill with my chill buddies and play with my active buddies. i really reallllyyy want to be at work though. i feel so un-useful right now. im glad that ill have a full schedule when i get back home and especially when ill be in california. i like being busy and when im not busy its odd. what am i supposed to do? i have no money and no way of earning money when im by myself on vacation. for the past year ive been busy busy and i cant wait to go have another adventure!!

i need some service in my life i think. it keeps my mind off myself and encourages some heart growth so i dont forget to love other people.

heres SOME of the highlights of my life since last summer. lots of service and spending time with people i love. theres no way i could upload every happy moment ive had in the past 12 months though. you can go check out my old blog if you want to catch up on a majority of it.

 FOL family - camp councelor/mom
20th birthday dinner at pf changs with the girls 
 byusa retreats
 supporting my roommates in their sports games
 nap time in the office (that couch is amazing)
 temple trips with my bestie
friends' birthday parties 
 jamming with the bishop
presidency meetings with BYU admin
laughing w/ sweet sweet jennie rae
 mission call!!!!!!
family vacation to the east coast

(ps: i purposely failed to include stuff from school. like actually doing homework and papers. ick. rest asured that they were a HUGE part of my life though. just not the part that needs to be photographed haha)

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