Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Help

I know I'm a few months behind in watching this movie but my tardiness does not take away from how incredible it was!! HOLY COW I was bawling by the end of it.

The way white people treated their colored help is disgusting. Aside from people who's behavior is disrespectful I decided that the second worst behavior to have, in my opinion, is being spineless. Stand up for what's right! It's hard when there are so many people who will belittle you in the moment but over time,  what you choose to say or not to say will be remembered.

After playing laser tag for our brother's 10th birthday party me and my sisters went to see The Help
I was talking with Edison, my sister, about how interesting time is. She's about to turn 17 and I'm 21; neither of us are in the second quarter of our lives yet and look at how big our decisions are! Great things are ahead of us - we have nothing but time and happiness to make the most of.

In one week I'll be leaving for the MTC. It doesn't feel real to me. How did it come up so fast? I'm pretty sure I have all my stuff ready to go. I have 10 pairs of tights, 7 skirts, 20+ tops and 5 shoes to interchange for the next 18 months. Good thing I'm not big into jewelry because I just picked up a years supply of make-up too; I go through mascara like no ones business and my supply of deodorant is impressive (not that you needed to know that).

What an exciting opportunity for me to go on a mission! I love this gospel and truly believe that it changes lives but I'm still nervous. People go and come back all the time - I'm not scared of dying or anything. Strange foods are eaten and digested regardless of what it tastes like - I'll be in California so I doubt I'll be eating spider eggs. I've been around Spanish my whole life - I'm anxious and happy to learn the language. I guess what I'm trying to prove is that I don't know what it is that makes me antsy about leaving. Maybe it's because I'm one of the first one to go out of my family and girl friends? No, that's not it. I've always been a Pave The Way type of person. I guess it must be that I'm not clear on what to expect - other than the best time of my life up to this point.

In a way, I'm jealous that boys, for their whole lives, are taught and expected to serve a mission. It seems like they have so much more time to get pumped for this major, life changing experience. Girls are taught to respect ourselves and encourage spirituality so that the boys will get on their missions haha. It's a two player game, for sure.

Anyway, I'm excited and nervous and also indifferent because I know that it'll be the experience I want it to be. Now it's time for me to pack my suitcases so I can get out of this beautiful 90 degree weather and off to Provo for some temps at 40 and below!
My mission plaque photo

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