Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Post on this, the Holy Blog

Well, this is certainly interesting. I've never created a missionary blog before. I've never written on a missionary blog before either. I'm sure it will contain of what most my other, less holy blogs contain: pictures, random thoughts and lessons learned. What makes this blog holier than my other ones (one for myself, one for the BYUSA presidency, and one for my leadership experiences) is that this will be completely mission based. Everything posted on this blog will be about my new journey as a missionary. Prepare yourself for inspirational photos, spiritual tangents and eventful stories.

Saying this is a holy blog is probably a tad blasphemous but hey, its my mind written on this thing and I'll think as highly as I'd like to, thank you. Fake it till you make it so I'm told.

It's the first of May and that means it's fast and testimony meeting. I should be extra spiritual today but I'm listening to a mash up of James Taylor and my mom playing the piano and thinking about how incredible it is that I could have my call by the next fast sunday. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!! Last spring I had no idea that I could be called as a Sister Missionary within the next 12 months and now I'm wondering where I will be next spring... I'm constantly preparing for another long term adventure. When I served in BYUSA I realized that in doing the things I was most frightened of, just doing them and embracing the butterflies that suddenly swarmed in my stomach, I was most happy. It was the strangest epiphany. Like being a Vice President, even though it was completely above my skill level and out of my comfort zone at the beginning, I am attempting to live the life of an elder (according to my mission prep teacher, Brother Bott, the word elder simply means messenger of God). In a few weeks I will have a video similar to this one of my good friend Mary opening her call. Mine will be different though, it'll be a video of me announcing where I'm going because I'll first open it by myself and then have a ginormous party to celebrate!!

Does it scare me? Yes.
Is my heart pounding just by thinking about it? Yes.
Am I ready? Probably not at all.
Will I still go? Definitely, and I will love it.

PS: My good friend Matt gets set apart as Elder Medonich tomorrow and it blows my mind! While I'll miss him, I'm happy because he's going off to the Czech Republic to serve all those people. He's excited and I'm excited and we're all just way excited. =]

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  1. Oh Kari, I just love you! I can't wait to hear all of your amazing experiences! Go forth, elder:)