Sunday, June 26, 2011

Missionary Online Recommendation System

this is what i was looking at for a whole 10 days as i waited for my mission call. i thought that id be able to see exactly where my papers were in their progress but all ive seen is Recommendation has been submitted. then, this last friday, my envelope was in the mail box! i love suspense and there wasn't any of it! haha but now i have 3.5 months to prepare and anticipate to serve a mission in spanish. in california. with raiders fans. and As fans. and giants fans. and only 60 min or so from jimmer and the kings. right across from the bay. overlooking the ocean alllll day. going in the temple whenever i want.

oh the excitement of anticipation!!!!

Oh, also, I went to mission prep tonight and it was just me and colton. he's leaving for his mission in a month and is going to argentina. we had the lesson of what a testimony consists of and it was pretty neat.   First you bear your testimony on a subject and then your companion bears their testimony about it and then brings up a different topic and bears their testimony and then it bounces back to you. it goes on like that until you stop apparently haha. the topics of what the basic testimony are 1) God lives 2) Jesus is our Savior 3) Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and translated the Book of Mormon 4) Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet today 5) the LDS church is the only fully restored church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. its pretty cool stuff to learn about.