Saturday, June 25, 2011

California Oakland/San Francisco Mission, Oakland Temple Visitors' Center, Spanish Speaking

How fitting. I've been more excited about going to the temple since my first interview with Bishop Munoa than serving an actual mission. Heavenly Father knows me so well! Not only is He letting me serve at THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE IN THE WORLD but He's letting me learn Spanish too! I would have been happy anywhere but He and I both knew deep down that I would be disappointed if I didn't go somewhere Spanish speaking. He is too good to me. Plus it's California, where it's sunny always - just one of the many things that makes me happy. I am so incredibly blessed with a beautiful, supportive family who are just as excited as I am to serve a mission. I'm thankful for their love and constant encouragement. Everything I am I owe to them, especially my mom and dad. Thanks for teaching me how to love others and smile at everyone Mom and Dad. You're the greatest examples I could ever ask for. I probably requested you in the pre-existence so thanks for accepting the challenge.

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