Saturday, September 24, 2011

25 before the MTC

Before going out as a family to Olive Garden for my 21st Birthday dinner! We had such a good time.

New glasses! I ordered them special because I wanted them red and plastic. If I'm going to be working a lot then I'll be tired a lot. Sometimes when I'm tired, my contacts won't stay in and I want some cute frames so my necessity can be an accessory. 

New hair! Well, new-old hair. This is my natural, muted chocolate color; the new color should help me not worry about my roots showing and save time by not coloring it and save money by not having someone do it. Missionaries are all about Saving ;D

New running shoes! Reebok Realflex. I was so excited for how cute these were and for how SO SOOOO comfortable they were that I got a little crazy with taking pictures of them haha.

The last few majors things I need to do are get a rain jacket, update my driver's license and finally, to pack.

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