Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Proverbs 31: 25-26

I think it's healthy to have ups and downs. It's during those down times when you realize just how good those ups are. I'm pulling myself out of a down time and realizing that life really is a good thing. It just is! I have a beautiful family, I'm healthy and live in a safe place, I have very supportive friends and the Gospel. In the eternal scheme of things, the little stuff just is not important, you know?

Parable to life: fishing stinks. Right now, however, pre-mish and all, I am not in the mood to fish but seem to be in the middle of a school of them! Whhhyyyyy does this happen?? I'll tell you. Satan is a master at his job. He knows there is nothing better for someone my age than to be on a mission so he hits you with temptation of every kind. Even good guys are a bad thing right now.

Words of wisdom: "the one thing i always remembered and helped me the most was when my bro said " when you are at the end of your mission flying home on the plane thinking able to say i have no regrets and i worked hard every single day of my mission"

This will be me. I refuse to let one day go by where I wasn't trying my hardest. Some people say to just relax and wait till the MTC to prepare but, that's dumb I think. Why would I waste my time when I have so much of it?

I am in NO WAY perfect at perfectly trying to be good. I mess up all the time. But I want to be better. I want to be a virtuous woman. I seriously want to be lovely and of good report in all things haha. So with that, I am going to end my self reflection time and close with this: Life is beautiful and not to be wasted by being a fool.

St. George Temple on the way home from school
Idaho Falls Temple wedding w/ Emily
San Diego Temple wedding w/ Sarah
Mesa Temple wedding w/ Lacey and my sister Edison

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