Monday, August 29, 2011

My Missionary Website

I broke down today and gave in to peer pressure. I signed up for

I really REALLY want people to write me letters by hand so to avoid getting emails all the time I figured having this blog would be the best way to keep people updated without providing an easy way to send me notes. I really REALLY want people to write me though haha, so I made an account for my mission and honestly I'm kind of excited about it! You'll be able to see all my letters in one spot, view all my pictures together, write on my mission board (kind of like a facebook wall) and see the blogs of other people in my mission.

It'll be a lot easier for my mom to keep track of too, I think. She's the best. Please write to my house and tell her what a good mom she is. One, she'll smile and think "how nice and thoughtful!" and two, you'll get majjjoorrrr mom points.

Go check it out. It won't really be updated till I leave but it's up and running. The link is posted to the right and is the first one under "WWW". Enjoy!

just click here and ill make it easy for you

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