Friday, October 14, 2011

Christmas in the MTC!

In addition to getting that email this morning about my MTC mailbox, I called in to find out when I would be leaving for CA. Sarah, a very nice girl from the Travel Department looked up my mission, my name and said, "You'll be flying out on December 28," then hung up.


I'll be in the MTC for Christmas! My mom is excited because supposedly all the General Authorities visit the missionaries on the 25th, which, by the way, is on Sunday this year.

Being on Sunday probably isn't a big deal, or even a little deal, but it's still interesting.

Anyway, I'll be in Oakland when the Temple looks like this!! Sweet!

My farewell party is tomorrow and we have been cleaning the house in preparation. It's Fall Break so my sisters have been put to work as well as any friends who come over. I think it deterred quite a few people from stopping by to say hello. At least until tomorrow.

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