Monday, May 30, 2011

finishing up them papers

I had my physical earlier this week and now all that's left is to have my stake president interview then have my bishop send the information off to SLC! I guess that within the last few months Sister physicals have become a little more in depth than they used to be and for that reason alone I'm glad I had a female doctor. I was in and out of the Student Health Center within 30 minutes. I was anxious at how long the process would take but it was sooooo easy. Surprisingly easy. So, if you're reading this and wondering if you'll make it through your physical don't worry about it. It's all good!

Another exciting thing I got to check off my Missionary To-Do List is that I got my passport! You don't need to have one in order to send your papers but since I want to go out of the country pretty bad I figure that if I have a passport already my chances of going foreign are that much better. I set my appointment to get it all sorted out a month ago and it came in the mail last week! Hooray for items checked off!

[obviously my computer skills are lacking because idk how to flip my pictures to 'readable']
It's kind of weird to think that in just a few months I could be anywhere in the world with a name tag on. Anywhere! One of the nice things is that the temple is everywhere and so is the Spirit! That means wherever I go will be for a reason and good things will come of it. I went to the Mesa Temple this morning to sit and contemplate my life. There wasn't much contemplating and it was kind of chilly so I didn't sit too long but I felt good watching the sun come up behind the palm trees to shine on a House of the Lord. Unfortunately, my camera phone skills are horrible and I failed to capture just how beautiful the moment was. Trust me though, a tear or two was shed as I hummed A Child's Prayer to myself (and to the occasional elderly couple out for their morning speed walk). It was beautiful and I cannot wait to go in there!!

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  1. turns out i dont need a passport anyway! however, i plan on studying abroad in two years so im glad to have it filed and ready to go.