Monday, May 16, 2011

Satan sure is a smart guy...

My worst enemy is self doubt. I worry and stress over completely unnecessary things and that gives Satan a huge doorway to my spiritual well-being. Recently I've been anxious about what I'm going to do after my mission and if I'll have money and where I'll go to school and what I'll study and what kind of job I want... After a good tear or two (being emotional and crying really isn't my thing so I know he's working extra hard) I realized that what I should be focussing on is the time I have right now with my family. I get to spend every evening with them doing whatever we want! I've never been able to do this before! I should take advantage of this precious time before it's gone. Another thing I need to do is study up and prepare for my mission. I want to read the BoM again before I go and read PMG so I kind of know what I'm getting into. I haven't taken my mission picture yet either... I'm way thankful to those friends of mine who are serving missions right now because their words help me so much. A few of them who wrote home today shared words that helped me to calm down and really think about what's important. They helped me to refocus simply by sharing their missionary goodness. I can't wait to be surrounded by people like that and to be someone who helps others feel good too! Life is good.


  1. aww kari. you're going to be amazing!! I know you must be having the nerves of a lifetime right now. holy crap I would be lol. but you're seriously going to be so great and your mission is going to be so great and you're going to be comforted. and you're so right - enjoy this time you have with your family right now. I have a feeling HF will make sure you're taken care of when you get back. :) I love you and miss youuuuu!!!

  2. Jennie you are too perfect to be my friend! Thanks for helping me to feel better. Alllll the time haha

  3. aw I just saw this :) same to YOU!!!!