Thursday, June 2, 2011

It Is Finished

DONE!!!! I AM TOTALLY DONE WITH MY PAPERS! I finally got that stinken picture taken and now it all comes down to my Bishop interview followed by my Stake President Interview and then the papers are off to SLC!! Here is the official photo that I had to send in for my application.
It's way cuter when it's not cropped but I guess they aren't kidding when they say they want a head shot. For once I don't mind that my hair is so short otherwise it wouldn't have fit in the picture! I'm pretty sure I was thinking "Spain" when I smiled for this...

I'm lucky that my mom is so good at taking photos without ANY HELP AT ALL! She knows where good lighting is (these doesn't have any photoshop), how to tilt your head just enough so it looks good and what to focus on as the shutter clicks. I'm no professional but I'm proud of her ability to take good photos. Some of her other favorites include:


Ok, she doesn't really like the last one but I wanted her to document how shiny my hair was today haha. The second to last one was about to be the official picture but then my dad voted for the one you see at the top. "Your bangs hide your eyes. Your picture needs to show how open you are to people and being half hidden doesn't help. Plus your cheeks are too shiny in the others and that's not realistic." He didn't say those words exactly but something similar. Good point pops. Years of asking for his opinion has finally paid off and he now gives quality feedback. Apparently he has been listening to my comments about make up and hair for the past 20 years. I'm pretty sure he doesn't listen too well when I talk about clothes though. He is a boy after all. The best Dad ever, but still.


  1. Love your photos and your new blog! Thanks for the photo compliments. Love you!

  2. I love you. Love Love Love. And I know you are going to make an amazing missionary. Let me know when you are going to the temple, Id love to be there, or go with you after sometime(:

  3. Bethany!! YESSSS, that would be so amazing! I will definitely let you know!

    and Mom, I love you too! Thanks for the blog compliments! haha =D

  4. Kari! Love your blog posts! I'm excited for you!! Your papers are well on their way! I can't wait to see when you go and where you go, who knows, we could be in the MTC together! haha :)