Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today I Can Choose

I love stumbling upon a quote I've saved from YW. My leaders were 100% inspired as to what we would need to know as we grew up. The following is one of those life guides that helps me make good choices and really think about the kind of person I am and what kind of person I want to become. I don't know who wrote it but I'm glad they did.

Today comes with built in decisions, great and small. The clothes I put on, the road I travel, the people whose lives I touch... in fact, nearly everything in my day depends on how I choose. Today I can choose to carry the blame myself, or to hold out a helping hand, to shout out loud in anger or to wait ten seconds, to cloud someone's mind with doubt, or to lift a heart with encouragement.

Today I can choose to count stars or to count mud puddles. When I go to the store I can choose to see how much there is to buy instead of how much I have to pay. When I get stuck in traffic, I can see, in every other car, a person just as important as me. Today, because I live in a free land, there are a thousand thongs I can choose: the neighborhood I live in, the friends I laugh with, the work I do, the thoughts I think, the dreams I dare. And what I will become, in spite of my fears and failure, in spite of the talents I lack, in spite of all the privileges I never had, depends on how I choose to challenge myself today. For I have power, if I choose, to act instead of complain, to speak out instead of cherish a hurt, to seek justice instead of get even, to love the world instead of wait for the world to embrace me first. What I choose today may well be the cause of my tomorrow. Today I shall live as I choose.

Let me choose wisely and well...

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