Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shopping & Reading.

Me and Peyt, my adorable little brother, are chillin at home tonight and while he plays his computer games I look at the clothes I wish I could buy from Anthropologie and at the letters I should write back to. Both of these activities are in the same area as shopping and reading, two things I love. But what's the point in looking for new clothes if I have NO IDEA WHERE I'M GOING ON MY MISSION?? It's a bad investment - even though I really, really want new clothes.

You know what else I really, really want? To record a CD. I've only spoken about it for 4 years now. I've started a million times but never made it happen. My bishop in Provo said he would take me to one of his recording buddies to do some songs but I got nervous and never took him up on it. Lame. I should have. Right now I'm listening to "Beautiful Disaster" by Jon McLaughlin and his voice makes me want to sing more. When I come back from the mish I am going to do a CD. There's no point or reason as to why I haven't yet. Lack of motivation I suppose. One of my goals is to be on an EFY CD though so I had better get recording! Another bucket-list activity is to sing with Michael Buble and if we're going to make musical magic then I need to be vocally prepared haha.

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