Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fear not, little flock

First and most important, my mission papers were officially submitted to Salt Lake yesterday. This means the countdown started YESTERDAY!!! Woa, right? It's just completely insane how quickly my life is changing. I thought I'd never have the paperwork done and now they're being looked at and pondered about. Craazzyyyy... 

I only hope that my call comes before June 28 when my family leaves for Boston. We'll be gone for two weeks and my letter could just be sitting in our mailbox that whole time. Lonely, afraid, confused as to why no one has opened it... I just don't know if I could do that.

A second, and third, and well fourth cool thing is that my family and I had the chance to go to the groundbreaking of the Phoenix, AZ Temple. That was pretty cool. We turned some dirt and felt the spirit.

Me and my madre went shopping over the weekend and we got a few new skirts for me. Two are super long, Sister skirts! And they don't make me look Amish or Mennonite! Woo-hoo! I also bought a new skirt today. It's not long though. Modest and super cute but not mid-calf length, you know? Maybe I can still wear them depending on where I go. We'll see!

I teach the 14-15 year old Sunday School class at church now that I'm home. It's fun to chat with them, have kids appreciate my outfits, and use colored chalk. =D Last week we went over the signs of Christ's second coming and used one of my all time favorite scriptures to be comforted DC 6:34 . It's good stuff for sure.

PS: YSA is so, sooo much fun.


  1. Does it say that all of your skirts have to be that long?? My sister-in-law (leslie) who is in Sacramento, Just had to have skirts that covered her knee when she sat, so not midcalf?? But if thats what yours said then I know you will find some cute ones!

  2. mine says they have to cover my knees when i sit too but i have really long legs so my skirts have to be longer than the average sister haha. but the skirts arent to the floor or anything. oh gosh no. theyre just past my knees so theyre perfect =D

  3. lol awesome(: Are you in Arizona until October then?? What are you gonna do for 3.5 months?!